Bianco d'Alessano

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Food pairingbest drunk with aperitifs or appetizers. It also goes with fish dishes like prawn and lobsters cocktails, or with light fish starters.

Serving temperature: 10-15 °C

Recommended glass: a medium tulip glass with an outward-flared rim, as it directs the wine to both sides of the mouth, where the crisp and savoury taste of young wines is better perceived.

Winemaking/Aging: soft pressing, so as to preserve the floral, fruity taste of these grapes. Two weeks of controlled-temperature fermentation. Aged in steel tanks for three months. Bottling in February.

Colour: light straw yellow, with green reflections.

Alcohol: about 12-13%.

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Terre del Grico


A fresh wine with a bouquet of vanilla and spices. Floral aromas come through on the nose, with fragrances of white-fleshed fruit in the finish. Its pleasant minerality dominates the palate, and an acid touch gives it a fresh aftertaste.

Food pairing: as a structured wine,it is at its best with white meat, cured meats, and meat or vegetable pies.It also goes withgrilled or fried seafood, and fresh cheese.

Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Recommended glass: as a complex wine, a large bowl-shaped glass with an inward-curved rim: the wine can fully breathe, and the glass can be held better in hands. It will help the temperature rise gradually, and aid in the release of the complex fragrances of this structured wine

Ageing: 12 months in Acacia barrels; 6 months in bottles, in a horizontal position and with natural corks

Colour: intense, bright straw yellow in the glass, with gold reflections

Alcohol: about 14-15%.

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