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Tenute Rubino


Le Riscoperte sono una scommessa, una nuova linea produttiva dedicata alle uve storiche pugliesi. Tre etichette monovitigno che riportano alla luce Ottavianello, Bianco d'Alessano e Minutolo, varietà antiche e rare.

Colour Delicate straw yellow with greenish hints.

Bouquet Very typical of the aromaticity of this variety. It has intense perfumes of tropical fruit, peach and apricot.

Taste Fresh, elegant and mineral. It confirms the positive impressions deriving from the olfactory exam, demonstrating good balance among the different elements.

Food matches Best served with aromatic, light dishes. It is the perfect companion of fish stew and Apulian vegetal first course. At the same time it’s the ideal pairing of exotic dishes, like sushi and sashimi or Moroccan cous-cous.

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