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Forte Incanto


An easy-drinking, scented wine. Straw yellow in colour with light green reflections. There are elegant aromas on the nose, with herbaceous and fresh fruit undertones. It is dry, supple, medium-bodied on the palate.

Food pairing: as a structured wine, it is best drunk with white meat, cured meats, seafood, and fresh cheese.

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

Aging: in bottle.

Colour: light straw yellow in the glass, with gold reflections.

Alcohol: about 12-13%.

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This is a scented, easy-drinking white wine. Straw yellow in colour with light green hues. On the nose, it offers elegant fragrances with herbaceous undertones and aromas of fresh fruit. Dry, smooth and medium-bodied on the palate, it has a round, crisp taste with a quite persistent fruity and almond finish.

Food pairing: a structured wine, best drunk withwhite or cured meats, seafood, and fresh cheeses.

Serving temperature: 10-12 °C

Recommended glass: a medium tulip glass with an outward-flared rim, as it directs the wine to both sides of the mouth, where the crisp and savoury taste of young wines is best perceived.

Winemaking/Aging: soft pressing, so as to preserve the floral, fruity taste of these grapes. Two weeks of controlled-temperature fermentation, then in steel tanks to complete its maturation. Aged in Acacia barrels for three months. Bottling in February.

: light straw yellow, with gold reflections.

Alcohol: about 12-13%.

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Cosimo Taurino


A as Amore, Affetto, Amicizia.
64 as the years that would have had the great Cosimo Taurino in 2002 when it was created this label, dedicated to him.
A64 Cosimo Taurino, 2002 vintage, the first, was recognized Vino dell’Eccellenza by Le Guide de L’Espresso in a comparison with all other wines from Puglia.

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Conti Zecca


Food and Drinks pairings Excellent accompaniment to crouton-based appetisers with game liver or game terrine, first courses with particularly tasty sauces and roasted and grilled red meat and mature cheeses.

Colour: intense ruby red colour with pleasant garnet highlights.

Taste: soft and harmonic with matured tannins in a rich and well

structured body; persistent finish.

Service temperature: 18 °C

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