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Castello Monaci


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Médos, from the Latin medus, and from the Greek medos: native or inhabitant of Media, a well known country of Asia. A name evocative of the sundial, an instrument which used to mark the passage of time and share out the earth’s work. A straight line, like the road which cuts in two the vineyards of the Castello Monaci estate.

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Not far from the town of Lecce and from the sea, on the road to Taranto, at the gates of Salice Salentino, centuries-old olive trees and luxuriant vineyards surround Castello Monaci. The long corridor which links the main road to the castle is a line which goes through the estate, a meridian which divides the vineyards and opens the gates to the modern cellar. Here spreads the sun which floods the land with light and creates unique shapes, like the fruits to which it gives birth. Castello Monaci. Crafted by the sun.
Medos, from the Latin Medus and from the Greek Medos: native or inhabitant of Media, a we ll-known country of Asia. A name evocative of the sundial, an instrument which used to mark the passage of time and share out man’s labour.

Grapes: 100% malvasia nera di Lecce

Vineyard: parcels trained by the alberello Pugliese and cordone speronato systems on deep, dry limestone-clay-siliceous soil; the average yield is 70-80 quintals of grapes per hectare.

Vinification: the grapes are picked very early in the morning and are immediately taken to the cellars to be crushed. The vinification, at a controlled temperature, takes place in stainless steel tanks with a maceration of 10-12 days and programmed remontages. The completed malolactic fermentation is followed by development in steel until the bottling.

Wine: strong ruby-red colour; attractive bouquet, fine and intensely fruity; full, balanced, velvety flavour with hints of sweet liquorice.

Analytical details: 13,5% alcohol; 5g/l total acidity; 3.70 pH; 3.5g/l residual sugar; 32g/l dry extract.

Optimum keeping: 5 years in bottles stored horizontally in cool, dark conditions.

Food matches: flavoursome first courses, oven-roast or grilled red meats, mature cheeses.

Serving temperature: 16-18°
Training systemVigne coltivate ad alberello pugliese e a cordone speronato su terreni di natura calcareaargillosi, silicei, profondi ed asciutti
Grape varieties100% malvasia nera di Lecce
HarvestLe uve vengono raccolte nelle primissime ore del mattino e subito portate in cantina per essere pigiate
WinemakingLa vinificazione, a temperatura controllata, avviene in tini di acciaio inox con macerazione di 10-12 giorni e rimontaggi programmati
AgeingA fermentazione malolattica ultimata prosegue l’affinamento in acciaio sino al momento dell’imbottigliamento
ColourColore rosso rubino carico
AlcoholAlcol 13,5% Vol

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