New Sale! Moscatello Selvatico Spumante Dolce IGP Salento Millesimato

Moscatello Selvatico Spumante Dolce IGP Salento Millesimato



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Winemaking (Ancestral method): after destemming and soft cru-shing grapes, must ferments spontaneously thanks to a pied de cuve of natural yeasts, the only ones which increase the expression of our Terroir. The presence of very low amount of red grapes, gives wine anthocyanins and so colour. After 40 days of alcoholic fermen-tation at low temperature (13-14°C), before total sugars depletion, fermenting must is transferred in stainless steel pressure tank (11-12°C); when the residual sugar reaches 50 g per litre, temperatu-re is decrease (<10°C) to stop fermentation. Wine is aging on lees with continue bâttonage in these pressure tanks, in order to obtain a stable wine. Very low amount of sulphur dioxide added before bottling. Natural fining and stabilization, no fining agents added. No filtration.
Residual sugars per litre: 50 g/l, sweet.
Organoleptic properties: light amber colour, fine and quite persi-stent bobbles; fruity and floral nose. Balanced and very soft taste, very fresh and sweet.
Food pairing: ideal for desserts and cakes, very good with Indian and Japanese foods.

Serving temperature: 6-8 °C.

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Moscatello Selvatico Spumante Dolce IGP Salento Millesimato

Synergistic agriculture
Appelation: PGI Salento, Quality Sparkling Wine.
Grape variety: Moscatello selvatico 95% + Muscat red grapes 5%
Soil composition: clay and loam soil, very rich of siliceous gravel and humus.
Vine training system: free standing espalier (controspalliera libera in Italian), from Rudolf Steiner’s book “The philosophy of freedom”.
Vineyard area: 1 hectare cultivated according to the criteria of Sy-nergistic Agriculture and ICEA Organic Farming.
Density of vines per hectare: 4’545 plants per ha.
Average age of vines: 21 years.
Yield per hectare: 8 tons per ha.
Harvesting: hand-picking grapes, first week of September.
Alcohol by volume: 10 + 3,5% vol.
Training systemfree standing espalier
Grape varietiesMoscatello selvatico 95% + Moscato a bacca rossa 5%
Harvestfirst week of September
AgeingSeguono diversi mesi in queste condizioni, con batonnage continui del proprio fecciolino nobile fi no a giungere ad una stabilità naturale del vino spumante, a cui segue l’imbottigliamento
Colourlight amber colour
Alcohol10 + 3,5% vol.

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