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Color: Streaks of garnet giving way to intense ruby red. Nose: Candied fruits and spices that evolve into clean underbrush, tea, and amber notes.

Palate: Enhanced by notes of red flowers, the aromas return on the palate transported by confident but not overbearing alcohol. The tannins and fresh acidity work in counterpoint to create a balanced, soft wine.

Pairing: Roast veal and beef, game, lamb, and ripe aged cheeses.

Serving Temperature: 18° C. (64° F.).

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Vini Cantina Sa Donaci


Ottenuto dall’accurata selezione di uve Negroamaro provenienti esclusivamente da allevamento ad Alberello. Commercializzato dopo due anni di invecchiamento di cui almeno 6 mesi di affinamento in barriques. All’olfatto emergono sentori di frutti rossi maturi anche sotto forma di confetture e sotto spirito, speziati come pepe nero, cuoio, tostati ed eterei.

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Aglianico is one of the oldest grape variety in the world, being introduced in Southern Italy by the Ancient Greeks about 3.000 years ago in what they called Enotria or Land of Wine. Today, its qualities are well recognized; for its elegance, ageing potential and complexity of its wines, it has been called “the Nebbiolo of Southern Italy”. The Cappellaccio Aglianico Riserva takes its name from the
thin and hard calcareous crust that is found at around 50 cm under the limestone soils of the Castel del Monte doc area and that has to be broken in order to allow vines to be planted. Cappellaccio Aglianico Riserva is a wine that fully expresses the outstanding characteristics of Aglianico.

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Schola Sarmenti


Harvesting and wine-making: Grapes are picked up by hand and gently laid down into little airy crates, arriving as whole bunches at the winery. Once there, grapes are further selected using an advanced sorting table.
Aging: Eight months in medium-toasted French oak tonneaux; then, eight months of refinement in bottles.
Bouquet: A ruby-red wine with a light shade  of purple. Generous in fruit flavor and spicy notes, its vaguely sweet taste stimulates your imagination. It shows remarkable intrigue  in its complexity and never fails to enchant with its supple, finely textured palate.

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VIGNA PEDALE Castel del Monte DOCG Reserve red wine
grapes: Nero di Troia vineyard location: Apulia – hills of the Castel del Monte DOCG area (contrada Pedale) altitude: 400 – 500 mt. a.s.l.

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Agricole Vallone


Vinificazione:  fermentazione a temperatura controllata per 7-10 gg.; breve macerazione post-fermentativa. Fermentazione malolattica: spontanea a fine fermentazione alcolica.

Affinamento: serbatoi acciaio inox; breve passaggio per sei-otto mesi in botti di hl. 50 rovere Slavonia; permanenza per 12 mesi ca. in vasche di cemento.

Abbinamento: Arrosto di carni, pollame e cacciagione, piatti forti in genere.

Note di degustazione

Colore: rosso rubino intenso con riflessi violacei, profondo e vivo.

Al naso  intensamente fruttato con sentori speziati e balsamici.

In bocca consistente, equilibrato, morbido, mediamente lungo.

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Cosimo Taurino


Made from the following tipes of grape. 
Negroamaro 90%, Malvasia Nera 10%.
Ageing: Suited for a long ageing.

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Vini Leone De Castris


We produce Salice since 1954, to celebrate this historic wine, from the 2004 vin-tage the label has the writing 50th vintage. Wine of an intense red colour with garnet-coloured hints, made of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera. To the nose fruity sensations of blackberry and black cherry, notes of basil and sweet spices due to the refinement in oak barrels. In the mouth it is smooth and balanced with a strong but never intrusive tannin. Long last fin-ish. Very good with roasts and ripe cheese.

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Vini Sanchirico


Le uve, provenienti da vigneti di proprietà in agro di Salice Salentino (Lecce), sono state raccolte manualmente nel mese di settembre e accuratamente selezionate prima della pigiatura. Il mosto ha effettuato una lunga macerazione sulle bucce in serbatoi di acciaio inox a temperatura controllata per più di 20 giorni, per poi svolgere la fermentazione mallolattica. Il vino così ottenuto si affina per 12 mesi in piccole botti, per poi essere imbottigliato e completare l’affinamento in bottiglia per ulteriori 12 mesi.

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Paolo Leo


Salice Salentino DOP is the most important appellation of Salento. It recognizes an area where wine has been produced since the VI century BC, being currently one of the most international renewed Puglian appellation. Salice Salentino wine is mainly made from Negroamaro grapes, and then other native varieties like Malvasia Nera di Lecce.
TASTING NOTES: ruby color with garnet tinges; elegant and pronounced bouquet of black fruits and black pepper, with hints licorice and vanilla; round and full bodied, harmonious, with velvety and smooth tannins. Lingering finish of blackcurrant and spices.

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Il Falcone is one of the most prestigious red wines of Apulia whose name was chosen by Rivera to remem-ber Emperor Frederick II of Swabia who built the castle called Castel del Monte near Andria so that he could indulge his passion for falconry. The castle later gave its name to the surrounding DOC area. The wine is obtained with carefully selected grapes sourced from the oldest among the estate’s vineyards. In the blend of indigenous grape varieties, the main grape, Nero di Troia, gives to the wine its great character and structure, while Montepulciano contributes to its roundness. The maturation for 14 months in oak and for a further year in the bottle contributes to refine its great structure and develop its classic personality and elegance.

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Reserve 2009

This ruby red wine has an intense bouquet, ranging from plum jam notes to undertones of cherries in alcohol with hints of cacao. Notes of liquorice come through on the finish. It has a sweet and well-bodied palate, balanced by a pleasant acid note and firm tannins. A lingering aftertaste exalts the same rich bouquet revealed on the nose.

Food pairing: a dessert wine,it is best drunk with almond paste or dry sweets, and with blue cheeses (mature Gorgonzola, Roquefort, etc.).

Serving temperature: 20 °C

Recommended glass: a large bowl-shaped glass with an inward-curved rim: the wine can fully breathe, and the glass can be held better in hands. It will help the temperature rise gradually, and aid in the release of the complex fragrances of more structured wines.

Ageing: 12 months in French oak barrels, 12 months in bottles.

Colour: deep ruby-red with garnet reflections.

Alcohol: about 15,5%.

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