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A very intense, fragrant bouquet with notes of soft fruits and ripe cherries. Dry and smooth on the palate, it is round and well-balanced with a persistent freshness due to its good acidity. Food pairing: best drunk with aperitifs or appetizers (platters of salamis, hams), and with meat-based pasta dishes. It also goes with fish dishes like seafood salad,...

From Eos, a figure of Greek mythology, goddess of the dawn. Sister of Helios (the sun) and of Selene (the moon). Every morning the goddess weeps inconsolably for the death of her son, killed by Achilles during the siege of Troy, and her tears form the dew. Homer called her the goddess with the rosy finger because of the effect seen in the sky at dawn.

A spontaneous and smooth wine with a modern and dynamic personality, it strikes for its outstanding pleasantness.

Cosimo Taurino Salice Salentino DOP Riserve, is produced in Guagnano, province of Lecce, a town located in the area suitable for the production of the first and largest DOC di Puglia, Salice Salentino.

Harvesting and wine-making: Grapes are picked up by hand and gently laid down into little airy crates, arriving as whole bunches at the winery. Once there, grapes are further selected using an advanced sorting table.

Ruby-red, with amaranth edges. It is characterized by fragrances of almonds, dried flowers and fruits. It is excellent on both nose and palate, vinous and ethereal with silky yet assertive tannins. A long and persistent aftertaste with an inviting aroma of almonds. Food pairing: excellent with stewedred meats, furred game, and fermented cheeses.WHILE...

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