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An easy-drinking, scented wine. Straw yellow in colour with light green reflections. There are elegant aromas on the nose, with herbaceous and fresh fruit undertones. It is dry, supple, medium-bodied on the palate. Food pairing: as a structured wine, it is best drunk with white meat, cured meats, seafood, and fresh cheese.

Violante is the result of Rivera’s wish to marry Nero di Troia’s classic complexity and marked scent of violets to a crisp fruitiness and early approachability.

Complex and gifted with a strong personality, it is a rich and fascinating wine, dynamic, incredibly expressive with a magni cent almond nish.

Aglianico is one of the oldest grape variety in the world, being introduced in Southern Italy by the Ancient Greeks about 3.000 years ago in what they called Enotria or Land of Wine. Today, its qualities are well recognized; for its elegance, ageing potential and complexity of its wines, it has been called “the Nebbiolo of Southern Italy”.

Full-bodied, well-structured palate. It has vivid undertones of ripe fruits and spices with a pleasant, subtle astringency. An excellent, lingering, fruit-driven finish enriched with mellow notes of coconut. Due to its full body, it is best drunk with game dishes. Food pairing: excellent withgame, grilled or stewedred meats, and beef stews.

Patriglione is the name of the place where are implanted the vineyards planted as trees from which we get the prized IGP Negroamaro Salento Red.

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