• Apollonio Casa Vinicola

    The Apollonio Wine Company has a long and deep-rooted history, and was awarded with the title of "Impresa Storica d’Italia" (Historic Company of Italy). This four-generation history – yet always evolving remaining faithful to itself – began in 1870, when Noè Apollonio started his adventure, followed by his son Marcello, who would later modernized the small firm. After World War II, Marcello’s son, Salvatore, marked a turning point by introducing business management. Today, it is the turn of the fourth generation to run the company: Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio have succeeded in exporting a label that is a byword for first-rate quality and trustworthiness all over the world.
  • Azienda Agricola Attanasio

    The Giuseppe Attanasio farm continues, with passion, the traditions of a typical family of salentinian viticulturers. Under the wide cross vaults of a palace of the end 19th century there is the oak barrels room and winemaking facilities. Since 2000 the Primitivo di Manduria grapes have reached there, they are picked with traditional method and they exclusively come from the own vineyards, approximately 5 hectares grown to little sapling of Puglia, in the territory of Manduria which are personally cured by Giuseppe Attanasio on the grounds of over 60 years' experience in the viticulture.
  • Azienda Agricola Cosimo Taurino

    For over 4000 years grapes have been prospering on the Salentine Peninsula, thanks to the devoted attention, the loyalty and the intelligence of the wine-growers. Without this ever constant care - due to the concern man has always had for wine as a noble drink and a devine gift - without the perseverance and the love for the soil, much land would have remained waste and covered by forests as it was thousands of years ago.
  • Azienda Vinicola Polvanera

    In 2003, following a long family tradition in Agriculture, Filippo Cassano started an ambitious project aimed at increasing the reputation of ‘Primitivo’ and other native grapes used for the production of quality wines in his area. For this reason, he bought and restored an old manor farm in the rural area of Marchesana, near Gioia del Colle, with significant plantings of remarkable old Primitivo bush vines dating back to between 1860 and 1880.
  • Azienda Vinicola Rivera

    Rivera is one of the great estates in Italy.
    The estate excels with their reds, which are not only gorgeous in absolute terms, but also exceedingly fairly priced. Rivera makes wines that capture the exuberance that Puglia is capable of, while maintaining a gorgeous sense of structure. Readers who want to discover the wines of Puglia would do well to start with Rivera.
  • Cantele

    The founder of the Cantele winery, Giovanni Battista Cantele — grandfather to the current generation — was born in 1907 in Pramaggiore (in the Province of Venice). During the Second World War, he moved to Imola (Province of Bologna) where he met and married the beautiful Teresa Manara. The couple had two sons, Augusto and Domenico.
  • Castello Monaci

    The white wine cellar near the Castle, built by Memmo’s family in the 1970s, has new cooling systems for pressing with thermo-conditioned steel tanks.
    By selecting the grapes and using meticulous  winemaking techniques, Leonardo Sergio, the oenologist at the wine cellar, can ensure the quality of Castello Monaci wines.
  • Moet & Chandon

    L'origine risale al 1743 quando Claude Moët cominciò a trasportare vini dalla regione della Champagne-Ardenne a Parigi. Il regno di Luigi XV coincise con un grande aumento della richiesta di vino frizzante.
  • Schola Sarmenti

    After a 3-year-long accurate restoration work, Schola Sarmenti eventually opens its doors to wine lovers - a mid-1800s wine building, abandoned for over 50 years. Not only an old symbol of the Salento oenology, but also an important cornerstone of our architectural tradition has been brought back to its original beauty by the Marras and Calabreses.
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