The withdrawal be exercised by the customer, in accordance with art. 54 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code, using the withdrawal form set out in Annex I, Part B of the Consumer Codeor by using the one available at the link: http://www.salentoincantina.it/en/content/9-right-of-withdrawal or submitting any other explicit statement of its decision to withdraw from the contract, or by letter to be sent with registered mail, in SalentoInCantina, Via Felice Casorati, 2, 73100 Lecce (Italy) or by email to info@salentoincantina.it. The registered mail, or the email, will have to contain indications of the product and the order number. The burden of proof as to proper exercise of the right of withdrawal in accordance with the above procedure, is borne by the User. A result of proper exercise of withdrawal unless SalentoInCantina does not collect the good directly, the User will have responsibility to return the goods without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the date on which the user has to informed SalentoInCantina his decision to withdraw from the contract pursuant to art. 54, c. 4. User shall apply, on the packaging in a visible way the document received from SalentoInCantina following the withdrawal notice described above, where are previously indicated the shipping address and details of the the order necessary for identify the return destination. We recommend the User to insert a copy of this document also inside the package, in order to prevent loss or the inability to identify the rendered once arrived in stock. The costs of shipment of the goods will be borne by the User, except in the case in which SalentoInCantina has not informed the the same in this respect at the time of conclusion of the contract, in accordance with Art. 57 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code. SalentoInCantina reserves the the possibility of verifying that the good, which the User is solely liable pursuant to art. 57 paragraph 2 of the Consumer Code, is in the same state in which it was delivered, or that the product has not been altered in its original status and retains, to the extent possible, its original label and packaging. In case this is not available, the user will be required to return the product suitably packaged, in order to preserve the integrity. SalentoInCantina may decline to accept a withdrawal for products which have been consumed even partially. Under Article. 59, called the Consumer Code are excluded from the possibility of recess the goods tailored or personalized or which, by their nature, can not be returned or are subject to rapidly deterioration or alteration.

Exceptions of the right of withdrawal

In any case it is understood that, with reference to services, the right of withdrawal can not be exercised by the User after the complete supply of products from SalentoInCantina if the provision itself is begun by the explicit agreement of the 'user and latter having for agreed to lose his right of withdrawal following the the full execution of the service from SalentoInCantina. In any event, pursuant to art. 59 of the Consumer Code, are excluded from the possibility of recess the goods tailored or personalized or which, by their nature, can not be returned or are subject to rapidly deterioration or alteration.


The possible payment of the sums in reimbursement from SalentoInCantina, if due, will happen in accordance with paragraph 1 dell'art.56 the Consumer Code in the shortest time possible, but no later than 14 days from the date on which the event giving rise to the repayment has occurred and the case of withdrawal, from the day they became aware of the relevant exercise by the User. SalentoInCantina will back refund using the same payment method used by you for the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed differently by the user and provided that the same does not incur any fees as a result use of different means of payment. SalentoInCantina will not be required to reimburse the cost of delivery if the user has expressly opted for a type of delivery other and more expensive than that offered by SalentoInCantina. It is understood that, except in cases where SalentoInCantina has decided to recall the goods directly, SalentoInCantina may withhold the reimbursement until it has received the goods or until the User has not demonstrated that it has sent back the goods, depending on which situation occurs first.

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