Loyalty Points

SalentoInCantina rewards its customers with Loyalty Points!

Loylaty Points

  • Registration is required to accumulate Loyalty Points;
  • 1 Euro spent = 1 Loyalty Point accumulated;
  • 1 Loyalty Point = 2 Euro Cent off to use on any next order;
  • Loyalty Points are awarded to payment accepted;
  • From your Private Area you can view the accumulated loyalty points and convert them into Vouchers within 6 months;
  • Vouchers generated from Loyalty Points can be used within a year for orders over 30 Euros.

Rewards Program

Loyalty Points for each item are displayed in the product page:

In Shopping cart page displays the total count of Loyalty Points accumulated after purchase. Please note: Loyalty Points can not be awarded for instant checkout (fast purchase without user registration):

To show loyalty points awarded, after login, access your Private Area:

Within your Private Area, click on "MY LOYALTY POINTS":

On the "MY LOYALTY POINTS" page displays points in "awaiting validation", "available" and "already converted" in Vouchers:

Loyalty Points available can be converted into Vouchers within 6 months by click on botton:

The Voucher just generated is assigned a personal code FIDXXXXX that expires after one year from activation:

The personal voucher is displayed inside shopping cart in the following purchases and can be used in any order above 30 Euros:

For any information send email to info@salentoincantina.it or use our form to contact us.


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