SalentoInCantina use Vigoroso® packaging, patented and designed to ensure the integrity of the product during shipping. It's a new and innovative packaging designed for shipping of bottles, totally made of corrugated cardboard, which allows to obtain a very high protection.

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High robustness

The particular mix and type of cardboard picked up a very robust protective barrier for the product. The designed shape makes the bottle isolated and spaced from the outside, the details flaps of cardboard avoid the collision of the bottles in case of a collision. The two lateral "wings" physically separate the bottles and prevent any contact between bottles.

PackagingInternal packaging

100% Recyclable

The type of material used to build the packaging has become in recent years of significant importance: plastic and polystyrene are not looked favorably by many countries worldwide. Vigoroso® packaging are 100% recyclable.

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