Rocca dei Mori Briacò Primitivo Salento IGP Rosso

Posted By: Francesco Aprea In: Reviews On: martedì, luglio 5, 2016 Comment: 0 Hit: 4108
At the visual examination this wine appears very consistent in the glass, revealing immediately its Salento’s origin.
The olfactory analysis puts in evidence a complexity and finesse, and the personality of a wine produced from old “alberelli” plants, from whom the strong and powerful fruit is extremely refined by a skillful use of the cask. The wine is spicy (cloves and nutmegs) and cocoa and coffee scents are also perceivable, followed by scents of bush and berries, in particular sour cherries. The end is a sweet experience of caramel, as if the wine winks to you and invites you to pass to the tasting analysis. Body and balance are the first impression, whereas the scents perceived by the nose are clearly confirmed. So the senses are ready to taste a course of game, in order to take advantage of a satisfying harmony. A steak of Angus could also be a very fulfilling alternative.

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