Terre del Grico Salice Salentino DOP Rosso

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Salice Salentino (obtained by two typical vines, Negramoaro, mainly, and Malvasia Nera) is the most recognized expression of Salento
thought to exalt many courses of Saltentos’ cookery. Unfortunately this wine is traditionally considered not able to age. But recently some vigneron started to change processes adopted in the vineyards, trying to get a product able to last longer, without losing its typical character. One of these is Apollonio, which, we do believe, has factually achieved this result with Salice Salentino Terre del Grico. The 2012 vintage is still a young wine, thanks to its brighting color and its acidity very well sensed in the mouth. The sequence of scents perceived by the nose is incredible, starting with red fruits, ruspberries and mulberries, myrtle too, followed by herbs and some spices, licorice in particular. But the taste is amazing, thanks to an acidity and a minerality that allow a good balance with pseudo warm and softness, all wrapped by an elegant tannin. Persistency in the mouth is a further quality to be quoted, as a confirmation of the persistency in the nose.
For a typical wine from salento, nevertheless a typical course is required to be tasted with. So a dish of "costine al sugo" (spare ribs with tomato sauce), or “pezzetti di cavallo al sugo” (nibbles of horse meat with tomato sauce) could be the right way to appreciate this Salice, which would perfectly envelop every bite of these delicious recipes in a unique harmonious sensation.

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