Roccamora Negroamaro D.O.C. Nardò Rosso

Schola Sarmenti


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Harvesting and wine-making: Grapes are picked up by hand.
Aging: In stainless steel tanks.

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Roccamora Negroamaro D.O.C. Nardò Red

Grape variety: Negroamaro 100%
Average age of the vines:
About 30 years
Alberello, an Apulian head-trained system, at a density of about 4500 plants per hectare
2000 grams per plant
Grapes are picked up by hand.
Aging: In stainless steel tanks.
Alcohol content:
A singular olfactory explosion of spice, leather and tobacco notes with a pronounced fruity finish.
A vigorous wine that will tantalize your palate with its velvety structure, softened by a light tannin that leaves a nicely slightly bitter aftertaste.
Serving temperature: 16°-18° C
Training systemBush vines.
Grape varietiesNegroamaro 100 %.
HarvestHand picking, after the grapes are fully ripe. In order to obtain a good acidity, some harvests can begin earlier so as to maintain high levels of fixed acids and refined aromas.
WinemakingTraditional controlled-temperature fermentation.
ColourRuby red with purple reflections.
AlcoholAbout 13-14%

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