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ruby red verging on garnet after brief ageing, full and fragrant, delicately spiced bouquet with notes of berries

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Tasting Note: Intense cherry pink colour, beautiful clarity. Finely fruity (wild strawberry, raspberry and cherry) and floral notes (rose, oleander), enhanced by notes of herbs. Elegant and poised palate, with pleasant freshness and tangy twist. Long refreshing finish.

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Aglianico is one of the oldest grape variety in the world, being introduced in Southern Italy by the Ancient Greeks about 3.000 years ago in what they called Enotria or Land of Wine. Today, its qualities are well recognized; for its elegance, ageing potential and complexity of its wines, it has been called “the Nebbiolo of Southern Italy”. The Cappellaccio Aglianico Riserva takes its name from the
thin and hard calcareous crust that is found at around 50 cm under the limestone soils of the Castel del Monte doc area and that has to be broken in order to allow vines to be planted. Cappellaccio Aglianico Riserva is a wine that fully expresses the outstanding characteristics of Aglianico.

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Early spring was characterized by higher than average temperatures bud burst which arrived approximately a week early. continued, however, the rest of the spring and delaying the subsequent phases of growth and development o rise to the principal types of vine diseases, particularly downy mildew. conditions, a careful and vigilant viticulture was of fundamental importance, attentive and timely in its interventions in the vineyard to preserve t the vines and grapes and the quality of the crop.

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Conti Zecca


Food and Drinks pairings Excellent accompaniment to pasta with particularly rich sauces, red meat, game and mature cheeses

Colour: intense ruby red with pleasant garnet highlights when it ages.

Taste: harmonic with thick tannins in a rich and well-structured body. Persistent finish.

Service temperature:

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The growing season in the Castel del Monte area, where the Bocca di Lupo vineyards are located, had two distinct phases: the first, from March to July, was characterized by rather cool weather with frequent rainfall, phenomenon which caused some delay in plant and grape growth and development, while the second, beginning in early August, hot and dry and lasting all the way through the harvest itself, assisted in a full and complete recovery of the previous delay and an excellent ripening of the crop. The picking of the Aglianico grapes in the proprietary vineyards of the estate began on October 5th and continued up to the 20th of the month with high level results in terms of grape quality. The 2011 vintage will surely be considered one of the finest of all for the qualitative excellent of the wines produced.

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