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Castello Monaci


From the legend of Acanto, a Greek nymph changed into a flower after refusing Apollo’s advances.
This pure Fiano is fermented in steel at a low temperature for a fortnight in order to preserve the aromatic characteristics and is then left to age on its own yeasts to enrich the mineral notes and flavour. This is a balanced wine that unfolds in the nose with intense perfumes of fruit and honey and a fresh lively taste with a smooth finish of toasted hazelnut. Served thoroughly cooled, it is ideal with hors d’oeuvres, seafood salads, rice, crustaceans, grilled fish and fresh cheeses.

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Schola Sarmenti


Harvesting and wine-making:Grapes are picked up by hand and gently laid down into little airy crates, arriving as whole bunches at the winery. Once there, grapes are further selected using an advanced sorting table.
Bouquet: Noble grapes with an unmistakable delicate scent of Acacia flowers and an ever-present aroma of toasted nuts.

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Selected grapes cultivated at our Maìme estate in San Pietro Vernotico (Province of Brindisi), was a positive vintage for the grapes with a long growing season and a slow and gradual ripening of the crop. The high peak temperatures of the preceding vintages were notably absent, and temperatures, wind, and humidity were all quite favorable.
In terms of the size of the crop, it was more substantial due to the positive climate of the entire year: abundant rainfall during the winter and normal and regular temperatures during the spring and summer.
Useful temperature swings from daytime heat to evening and nighttime coolness, along with the established practice of picking the grapes for the white and rosé wines only during the early – and cooler - hours of the day, assisted in achieving grapes of excellent quality with a sustained and refreshing acidity. The harvest of the white grapes at the Maìme estate began approximately a week later than in other recent vintages. The Fiano grapes were picked between September 5th and 10th.

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Clear pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflex. Intense aromatic scents of bergamot ,banana, peach, camomile and mayflower with a musky finish. Mouth delicately aromatic and with good texture, enlivened from a tasty flowing sapid-freshness; persistent aftertaste.

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COLOR: Brilliant gold with sunny, bright nuance.

NOSE: Very intense, as if it were produced in a bee hive rich with floral and fruit aromas. Acacia honey and Cane apple. Orange flower and bergamot.

PALATE: On the palate this wine reveals endless layers of delicate, smooth sensations, with superb balance between its freshness and aromatic character. The sweetness of this wine on the palate reminds some of “kisses desired but never dared to be given…”.

PAIRING: Classic pastries filled with cream or almond paste. Piquant, rich cheeses.


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