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180,000 bottles per year from the handpicked grapes of the Maime estate in San Pietro Vernotico (province of Brindisi)

Fermentation: first a cold (41° Fahrenheit, or 5° Centigrade) maceration on the skins for five days prior to fermentation in bring out the aromas, the color, and the supple structuring elements of the future wine; the must is then run off its skins and fermented at 64° Fahrenheit (18° Centigrade)

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Early spring was characterized by higher than average temperatures bud burst which arrived approximately a week early. continued, however, the rest of the spring and delaying the subsequent phases of growth and development o rise to the principal types of vine diseases, particularly downy mildew. conditions, a careful and vigilant viticulture was of fundamental importance, attentive and timely in its interventions in the vineyard to preserve t the vines and grapes and the quality of the crop.

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