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Early spring was characterized by higher than average temperatures bud burst which arrived approximately a week early. continued, however, the rest of the spring and delaying the subsequent phases of growth and development o rise to the principal types of vine diseases, particularly downy mildew. conditions, a careful and vigilant viticulture was of fundamental importance, attentive and timely in its interventions in the vineyard to preserve t the vines and grapes and the quality of the crop.

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Cosimo Taurino


A as Amore, Affetto, Amicizia.
64 as the years that would have had the great Cosimo Taurino in 2002 when it was created this label, dedicated to him.
A64 Cosimo Taurino, 2002 vintage, the first, was recognized Vino dell’Eccellenza by Le Guide de L’Espresso in a comparison with all other wines from Puglia.

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Conti Zecca


Food and Drinks pairings Excellent accompaniment to crouton-based appetisers with game liver or game terrine, first courses with particularly tasty sauces and roasted and grilled red meat and mature cheeses.

Colour: intense ruby red colour with pleasant garnet highlights.

Taste: soft and harmonic with matured tannins in a rich and well

structured body; persistent finish.

Service temperature: 18 °C

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